Park Specifications

Abuja Industrial Park


ABUJA INDUSTRIAL PARK (AIP) is looking forward to welcome investors, while representing an important opportunity for worldwide companies to make industrial production for Nigeria, and from Nigeria to the near region Covering a total area of 2.440.000 m2 with 184 industrial plots, AIP not only presents an important opportunity for industrial production in Nigeria to local, regional and global companies; but it also represents a potential growth in the market share in Central and West Africa.

AIP has the capability to host both heavy industries and light industries on properly shaped and small-to-medium sized industrial parcels with high quality infrastructure. Should a need for a bigger parcel arise for heavy industry, the zoning plan of AIP can easily be revised accordingly by merging smaller parcels together to form a big plot. Please find below the areal breakdown of the 184 industrial plots in Abuja Industrial Park, along with the area distribution of the industrial park itself:


Abuja Industrial Park has been projected with many superstructure requirements in consideration.

Independent Power Generation Plant

Considering the need of the industry for an uninterrupted power supply, the independent power generation facility will act as a primary support system in case of a possible power outage.

Truck Park

A service area of at least 60.000 m2 will be dedicated to lorries for parking. In this way there will be as few traffic on the internal roads of AIP as possible. Additionally, the drivers will have the opportunity to rest and eat their meal in the resting facility within the truck park area.

Waste Water Treatment System

The waste water in Abuja Industrial Park will be treated biologically, physically and chemically to reach the required environmental standards before being discharged into the environment.

Fuel Station

Inside Abuja Industrial Park there will be two fuel stations serving the customers who use road transport for logistics, personal or employee transportation.

Vocational Training Center

A significant advantage in Abuja Industrial Park is emphasized by the vocational training center which will be promoted by international entities. It will serve not only for the occupational training and sustainable development of the people in nearby rural areas, but also for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders including the industrial investors, international promoters, and all the Nigerian community around.

Solid Waste Storage, Recycling and Disposal Plant

Recycling is the process of separating, collecting and remanufacturing or converting the used or waste products into new raw materials. Recycling helps extending the lifespan of a product that has already served its initial life cycle by re-producing it to the full extent.


Abuja Industrial Park has been projected with many Infrastructures requirements in consideration.

High Voltage Electricity Connection With The National Grid

The energy that is going to be consumed in Abuja Industrial Park will be provided alternatively from grid and power plant.

Electricity Distrubution System

Electricity will be distributed to all customers which are under continuous control and supervision of AIP Operation Unit in order to prevent the customers’ production loss due to power outage.

Natural Gas Supply System

Natural gas distribution network will be constructed for the joint use of all enterprises in Abuja Industrial Park. The need of the customers for LNG will be met by means of an independent LNG supply system within Abuja Industrial Park.

LNG Supply for the Consumers

The need of the customers for LNG will be met by means of an independent LNG supply system within Abuja Industrial Park.

Clean Water Storage System

Uninterrupted clean water supply for all customers will be ensured by means of a concrete storage tank. The stored clean water will be distributed to the customers with an underground pipe network.

Storm Water Collection and Drainage System

A storm water collection and drainage system will be installed during the infrastructure construction to prevent accumulation of rain water and to let it flow out as quickly as possible..

Waste Water Collection System

A waste water drainage and collection system will be installed during the infrastructure construction in order to treat it before discharging to the environment for environmental protection.

Fiber/Optic Telecommunication System

A high-tech fiber/optic telecommunication network will be installed underground for an effective and efficient use of Abuja Industrial Park’s customers.