Location of Abuja Industrial Park

Just like Abuja being in the middle of the country, Abuja Industrial Park lies directly in the heart of IDU Industrial Area located in the west of Abuja city center. This enables an easy connection to and from each point around the Capital of the country, and appropriate logistic services to the neighbor countries like Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin.

The main access to the project area is a direct link from INEX road that connects the city center with the highway. Therefore it is easy to conclude that the primary transportation utility for logistics services, road transport, will be highly efficient in AIP. Meanwhile it is also worth to mention that the main logistics advantage of Abuja Indsutrial Park consist of being a “hub” for all types of transportation: There will be one railway station on the national railway line directly at the northwest corner of the Park, while the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is located not further than 2,5 km.

The national railway grid is directly connected to Lagos which makes it easy for the investors in Abuja Industrial Park to either divert the produced goods to the port for reaching international seas, or supply raw materials from the harbor via railway. The above mentioned land, railway, sea port and air transport opportunities make Abuja Industrial Park a center of attraction for industrial logistics and deployment.

Furthermore, it will also be possible to load and unload carriages inside a private logistics facility that is going to be established solely for this purpose in Abuja Industrial Park

Abuja Industrial Park

Located at'the heart of ed planning zone Abuja.

Logistics Concept

*Source: Federal Republic of Nigeria Federal Capital Territory Administration Master Plan for Abuja North Phase 4